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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Vintage nail art tutorial

Hi everyone so a couple of days ago i got some dotting tools from amazon and so i had decided to do a bit of nail art.  Granted it isn't the best but for my first ever go , i think it is quite swish.

For my background colour i used rimmel peppermint
For the base of my floers i used revlon classy
For the detail of the flowers i used rimmel cranberry zest
For the leaves i used a nail polish which i made myself using graffiti eyeshadow from urban decay. ( if you want a tutorial let me know in the comments below.)

I even made a little visual aid for this tutorial ( i have a new found respect for graphic designers everywhere)

1. Paint your nails a mint green base colour
2. Paint some pink blobs (they don't need to be perfect) using a dotting tool
3. Paint the outline red with a swirl leading into the pink
3. Paint green lines on either side of the flower for leaves

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial

What nail art have you been wearing?

Friday, 25 January 2013

Lust List - Topshop

Hi everyone sorry for my impromptu absence , i had actually severely hurt my wrist so i wasn't able to do anything for a while.  So today i thought i would switch it up a bit and do a kind of wish list thing and today it will be for topshop hope you enjoy!


  • Price: £42.00
  • -  I love the colour and the hem of the dress.


  • Price: £50.00

- I love the colour again and the flippy out hems.


Price: £26.00
- the dress looks so effortless and it looks as though it can be dressed up or down.

what things are on your wish list at topshop?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Random nails

Today i found these pictures of my nails i had done a while a go so i thought since they were here, i might as well share them with you! Enjoy!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Updates and twitter

Hello everyone this is just to say a HUGE thank you for supporting me in 2013 , I am going to update my blog an awful lot in the next couple of weeks as you can see I have now changed the blog URL and I will be changing things like the layout.

I have also joined twitter my username is @makemeup_blog I hope you follow me as I would love to follow my readers also :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Review | Soap and glory kick ass concealer

Does your concealer kick ass?  Mine says so but to see if it does keep reading.....

I have the kit in medium, the shades are really similar , just one is more salmon-y than the other to conceal eye circles. It also has a translucent powder.  I know a lot of people don't like the packaging as it is quite fiddly but i haven't had a problem with it and i have had it for 4 months now, so if you have trouble separating compartments as it can sometimes get stuck, I've heard, you may not like this.

I am sorry for the lighting but daylight is no more where i am and this is
 the best picture to see the different tones :(
The powder is scarily white for someone who has a medium complexion like myself but rest assured that it actually is translucent. I do not care much for the sponge, i instead use a powder brush to set the concealer.

I liken the formula to erase paste as it does have the same creamy consistency but i will admit the S&G concealer sometimes feels greasy as it is very moisturizing. The coverage is good for the salmon-y one (i presume this is for eyes) although i have zombie-eye-circles so i use an extra concealer on top.

The face one is a little too dull for my liking ( i tend too use brightening concealers) so i hardly use it although coverage is good also.

Have you tried this concealer?  What did you think?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Review | Stila convertible lip and cheek colour in Lillium

Stila is one of the brands that although i have many of their products , i don't really talk about them.  That was until now.  The convertible lip and cheek colour is basically a cream blush you can use on your lips too although i don't really do that as it tends to cling to dry patches on the lips.

This is my first ever cream blush as i have oily skin i felt that cream blush would just slip and slide on my skin.  Boy was i wrong!  This is great, it lasts for hours, blending is easy and the colour payoff is awesome.  I use my Real Techniques Stippling brush to apply this and i don't even feel the need to set it with powdered blush (although if you are in a hot and humid place, i would).

Lillium is a cool toned pink that admittedly doesn't look too natural on me unless i really blend it out.  Somehow it looks really bright but it does make a huge change to my usual barely there blush look.

It is £16 from boots , or their website.

Review | Mac Lipstick in Fanfare

Today I have another MAC lipstick to show you, this time it is Fanfare.

The MAC website describes Fanfare as a mid-tone yellow-pink.  I have to agree with that statement , it is a very wearable, natural colour (think my-lips-but-better).

It does in my opinon work with all skintones as it isn't overly yellow toned so even really pale skinned girls with pink undertones in their skin can work this shade.

It is a creamsheen finish which means it isn't drying and it has good colour payoff . It lasts 3-4 hours on my lips but do keep in mind I have really dry lips which may affect the wear time.

Price - £14 / $15
Where you can buy - MAC retaillers and their uk website or their usa website

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Review | MAC lipstick in Lovelorn

I will be honest , I only have 3 MAC lipsticks in total - all in different finishes i might add.  But this is one of my most favourite lipsticks ever.

Lovelorn is described on the MAC website as an emotive blue-pink which I think isn't all that true. I do think it is pretty natural to wear but not as cool toned as you'd expect.  I think that most skintones could wear this with ease as the cool tones aren't overly obvious

If you have really pale or really dark skin , however, i wouldn't buy this as it can appear to stark for your skin tone

Lovelorn is a Lustre formula which means it isn't drying but it also doesn't last for a long time.  Wear time is only about 2-3 hours.

Price - £14 / $15
Where you can buy - MAC retaillers and their uk website or their usa website

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My new year resolutions

I like setting new year resolutions year after year even if i don't achieve it.  It gives me a goal to work towards for the entire year so i thought i would share them with you.

1. Read more - I am a self confessed book worm but 2012 has been such a busy year that i only read one book in my spare time (the perks of being a wallflower - brilliant might i add) , every other book has been for school so i will try to read at least 5 books this year.

2. Lose weight - i know, i know same thing every year but i am determined to lose at least a stone this year.

3. Go with the flow - This is not something i share with everyone but i have really bad anxiety so this year i am going to stop worrying ( to an extent) and just go with it .

4. Eat more fruit and veg - this goes with losing weight as i really hate fruit (have i ever told you i have only had a banana once in my life ) so i am trying to increase that so at the the end of 2013 i will have had my 5 a day everyday - boring, i know.

5. Make new friends - Leading on from anxiety , i only have a very close-set of friends so my mission this year is make new friends whether on blogger (hint-hint ) or in person.

6. Blog more - I have been a bad blogger in fact if you looked at my achieves you'll see i have barely blogged at all so i will try getting 2 posts up a week probably more in the holidays (i am blaming school for this one!)

So those are my resolutions for 2013 , why not tell me yours?