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Monday, 4 February 2013

MUA nail polish review

Nail polish is the one beauty item i have too much off so it only seemed right to get more.  MUA nail polish is only £1 so i couldn't have expected a lot and that's where you are right.

I have the shade frozen yoghurt which is a pretty purple similar to OPI's A Grape Fit! but unlike OPI i found it to just apply really badly streaking on every coat.

  On the plus side drying time was amazing it honestly took 1 minute to dry completely in-between coats.

My brush was frayed as well so i was disappointed. For £1 i am complaining a lot, aren't i?
Another problem i found with the MUA nail polish is that although it is nice square packaging it doesn't close right as you'll see in the picture (not important but it annoyed me a lot).

MUA nail polish - £1