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Sunday, 3 February 2013

25 Random Facts About Me

This has been dominating the blogging world for a while so i figured i might as well hop on the bandwagon. I've enjoyed reading other peoples and so i hope you enjoy mine.

1. I love nearly every genre of music ever.  Check my iPhone and you'll see Jason Mraz, You me at six and.... Vivaldi

2.  I break into song all the time

3. I want to move to Dubai when i am older

4.  I am really immature

5. I used to have severe anxiety but now it is much better

6. I'm Scottish and well proud.

7. I have near perfect vision but have always wanted glasses for some unknown reason.

8.  I'm what you'd call a designer over high street kinda girl

9. I have phases where i love meat then i can't stand it.

10. I am a Libra

11.  I consider everyone my friend until they give me a reason not to be.

12.  I paint my nails 24/7

13.   I hate flies with a passion.

14. I want to work in Psychology when i am older

15.  The only sports i can play are hockey and horse-riding

16.  I have a really strange phobia of bananas (i have to leave the room if someone is eating one)

17. I'm competitive

18. I am extremely clumsy although i have never broken a bone.

19.  I am trying to lose weight.

20.  I don't like water unless it is flavored

21. Babies have a weird fascination with me (and my hair) not kidding.

22. I am scared of flying but i go an planes every year.

23. I have never had a pet and although i love animals, i don't want one.

24.  I hate dark chocolate

25. I have the best friends in the world

what are some random facts about you?