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Friday, 20 May 2011

Bourjois little round pot blush

Hey honey-bees :)

*******IMPORTANT UPDATE**********
don't tip it up-side down or it will break . yes i did that . Ooopsies

I had eyed this up for a while so when i finally saw it i HAD to buy it and it cost 7.49 (it might seem a lot for a blush but its also has limited edition packaging :] )

Good things - Blendable, variety of colours, natural, pigmented, long wear

Bad things - THE BRUSH !!!, price

A little history lesson........

In 1863, Bourjois was born on the great boulevards of Paris in the theatre district, at a time when France was the world's second leading economic power. The actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin was the company's first creator; he prepared makeup and perfumes for actors and actresses in the comfort of his own home. In 1868, Ponsin entrusted his entire activity to Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois. The company blossomed in the hands of Monsieur Bourjois, who made it internationally known.

Packaging ..................

One word - Gorgeous !!!!

The Blush..............
It smells very floral so if your not one for scented products don't use this blush.
The shade I got is number 74 and it’s called Rose Ambré.  On my medium/dark skin it gives a lovely pinky glow.  One thing though it can cake up quite easily so one tap on my blush brush for each check and i'm good to go,  which brings me to my next point the brush included is AWFUL the concept of a curved blush brush is great but i think it picks up way to much product and it the curvy-ness doesn't help either unfortunately.

I do think it's a little on the pricey side of the drugstore blushes but since it is baked it will last for ages.

Grade .............


Do you have a little round pot blush ?
 Do you lurrve it or loathe it?
Are there any more colours that i need to have?