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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Essie muchi muchi

Yes!!! i finally bought my first essie nail polish last week and i couldn't wait to show everyone.  The reason i never really ventured into the essie bandwagon is mainly the price.  At £7.99 these are the higher end of high street.  But i needed a nice nude-almost-pink colour for my 'little' collection.

Now most nudes tend to really wash me out.  In fact the only nude that i can get on with is revlon's pink nude. This nail polish takes about 4 coats to get opaque, a lightyear to dry and it has now almost run out.  So while i was in boots i decided to take the plunge and get muchi muchi.

Muchi muchi is warm toned which is good for me as i am warm toned and other nudes do look really stark on me.  It took me two coats to achieve the coverage in the picture and it builds up really well. Drying time was great and i finished my nails in 5 minutes (success!) I personally like the big brush as i have wide nails and so it speeds up time.  However that being said i do think that if you have narrow nails you might find brush application a little messy and will require clean up afterwards.

Essie muchi muchi ~ superdrug, boots (£7.99) 

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