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Friday, 29 June 2012

Natural collection eyeshadow

This brand is exclusively available at boots and the eye shadows retails for £1.79 each.  I only have one - milk chocolate.  The packaging looks as cheap as it cost but then who am I to complain? I like to wear this mainly for school so it looks like I at least made an effort (but not like the others who like to slaver on the fake tan and use a pan of blush a week) this is a nice but slightly lighter version of buck (my all-time favourite eye shadow form the UD naked palette).  It is decently pigmented and I don’t remember to wear a primer half the time at 7.30 in the morning so it does fade during the day.
On the whole it is a good pigmented eye shadow for less than £2 - what’s not to like?

Friday, 15 June 2012

Window shopping in Benefit

all pictures from benefit
play sticks

Playsticks ~ £25.50 - After reading several good reviews about this foundation / concealer/ powder and the fact it's oil free and gives a matte finish i really want to try this.


erase paste

Erase paste ~ £19.50 - I have almost scraped the last of my current one which obviously means i loved it but at £19.50 it certainly doesn't come cheap!



Dallas face powder ~ £23.50 - as i am olive skinned i think this would be the perfect colour for me and it would be my first venture into the benefit face powders as well.

they're real! mascara

They're real mascara ~ £18.50 - it seems as though everyone has one of these mascaras and they all seem to have AMAZING lashes so hopefully these would make mine half as nice as that.

girl meets pearl

Girl meets pearl ~ £24.50 - I've used up 2 teeny-weeny samples of this and now i want the full sized one as it gives such a radiant glow.

Do you also like benefit as much as i do?  
What products from benefit would you recommend?