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Friday, 25 February 2011

Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation

Hey Everyone ! :3

So i went to my nearest Boots and snapped up a lot of different beauty must-haves but they'll all have a separate review.         
First we are gonna start with one of my fave foundations Rimmel perfect match foundation.     
 GOOD THINGS............Good coverage, smells nice ! :)
 BAD THINGS.................too greasy, wears off after a few hours! :(                   

I bought this for £8.99 which is the recommended retail price.

The packaging.......
 is quite beautiful in my opinion .  its sleek and smart and reminds me of some of the more expensive brands like Lancôme or dior.  The pump/nozzle is very easy to use and as long as you wipe the excess product off after every use it stays clean and doesn't clog up the pump. The tube which dispenses the product goes right to the bottom and bends so none of the product will be wasted just because because you can’t get to it which is really good. It also has a see-through plastic lid over the pump/nozzle to keep it safe and clean and to avoid any  mess in your cosmetics bag. The blue and white writing on the bottle is simple and understated which leaves you with a good impression of the brand.

The Foundation.......

One of the first things that i noticed about this foundation was that it had a fresh smell kind of like melons.
It has a medium-ish consistency which blends well on to your skin but you sometimes (always!) are left with a greasy residue which can be (is!) quite annoying.
it also wears off after a few hours which again is quite annoying as it normally wears off at the end of 1st period which means i only had it on for 2 hours :( I don't feel as if I am left with a massively luminous finish but it is also not dull either and this product is by no means weightless – I am always aware that I am wearing it even though it has an oxygen complex which should allow your skin to breathe. A big plus point about this product is that it contains SPF 15 so it keeps out those harmful rays all year round.

Would i buy again?
Yes if it was cheaper though!

Grade ........... B+