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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

L'oreal studio secrets primer

Hello today i'm going to review L'oreal studio secrets primer.  this primer was in my July favourites and i thought it was about time i did a little review on it.

To start on a sour note i hate the packaging it is just really hard to get product out without it going under your nails which wastes product but that being said i realise there isn't many other alternatives to packaging....... unless it was in foundation packaging with a PUMP

I have oily skin so a primer is good for days i don't want powder on and this primer is very good at 'airbrushing' your skin so it isn't just one dimension like powder can sometimes make it look.

The consistency is quite bouncy, like a less moussey version of maybelline dream mousse products.  It is quite thick which means you need a *tiny* amount for your face and it blends perfectly.  It doesn't leave a white cast on your face if you don't blend as well one day (*ahem* no7 matte primer) and it does make my foundation stay on until the end of the night which is great.

The price is at the slightly pricier end of the drugstore brands but then again l'oreal is like the higher end drugstore brand (contractions , i know) and it is almost £15.  I know by know you'll be saying '£15 for a ..... primer. You've gone mad' but it did work.  My face was left smoother, my foundation looked great and the staying power wasn't bad either but is it worth the money? Personally i won't repurchase as i am sure there are cheaper alternatives for this primer.  So are you ready for the quest of a lifetime? I am ! !  And you ready to join me on my quest for the perfect primer?  

If you are please list you recommendations for primers below and i will let you know how i get on.

Toodlelou xoxo

L'oreal studio secrets primer ~ boots, superdrug - (£14.29)