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Sunday, 2 September 2012

August Empties

Hey everyone , it's been a long time since i put up a post for you guy's but school has been pretty hectic but it is now september and i have a few (finished) products to show you.

I have to say that i really enjoyed putting my used items in my little Benefit 'finding mr bright' box as it was a little incentive to finish products more quickly.

 First of all we have my l'oreal nude magique bb cream.  I don't really have an opinion yet as there obviously wasn't a lot of product.
Next was my l'oreal eyeliner which you can read about here.

Then we have my rimmel vinyl gloss which you can also read about over here.
I really loved the lift and luminate night cream (i even cut the top off so i could get all the product out as it did make my skin seem radiant) I might even but this next time i'm in boots to give you all a review on it 
Last of all we have no7 extreme length mascara and i used this as my bottom lash mascara and it wasn't clumpy and i will buy this once all my current mascaras are finished.