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Sunday, 12 August 2012

A rival for carmex? #1

It is no secret that i have a serious love addiction for carmex but recently i have been trying different lipbalms to see if they are better ones out there.

Today's lipbalm is ' Blistex medplus cherry berry ' .  To be honest i have never thought about trying any lipbalm from Blistex as i have just never found the brand appealing but this lipbalm came free with my mouthwash - it's dentyl if you are wondering (I love when they do that !) so i decided to put my carmex down to try this.

Medplus is aimed at people with dry and sore lips which i do get in summer (thanks hayfever!)  and it comes in two varieties original and cherry berry.  The original one comes in a pot and tube and the cherry berry just comes in a tube - which i actually prefer as it is quicker to apply.

The ingredients include Camphor to soothe and Beeswax to condition.  I really like it when lipbalms have something other than petroleum jelly in it's ingredients so this was already looking good.

Obviously cherry berry is cherry flavoured.  I love cherries ( my carmex is also cherry flavoured) so this was another plus sign 

I find it very easy to apply as it is soft but still firm so it won't go mushy.  It starts working immediately so my lips feel moisturized instantly and it gives a slight tingle ( i think due to the beeswax) 

After one week my lips have been soft and not at all chapped but i find to get maximum results you do need to put on a thick layer.

Mine is approx half the size of one you would buy normally so it is not really that small!

 Overall i think that this is great when my lips are in really bad condition and to be honest i think of carmex and this to be on the same par.

Blistex medplus cherry berry ~  Boots, Superdrug, chemists and supermarkets ~ £2.34