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Monday, 8 April 2013

Revlon nearly naked foundation

Most days I seem to be sporting a different skin type and I bought this foundation after I read about it on essiebutton for when I have slightly less oily skin and not many imperfections to cover up.

When my beloved true match foundation from L'Oreal ran out I didn't want to repurchase it as I thought it wasn't quite perfect but I also didn't hold out much hope to find my HG foundation either.  

Nearly naked has a runny consistency which makes it an ideal foundation for those who like or only need a light/medium coverage.  It is easy to blend and I prefer to use my fingers instead of a brush but the RT buffing brush works wonders too.  The lasting power is great and the foundation gives you a dewy finish (i.e not leaving me looking like I just spent 4 hours at the gym. It doesn't oxidize on me at all (which many tend to do).

The only bad thing is that it doesn't have a pump (why..why..why Revlon?) and you can be left with way too much foundation but in my opinion the good points overcome this one little annoying thing.

Revlon nearly naked foundation - £8.99.


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    1. It is although it can get a bit messy!

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  3. I have used two revlon foundations and both turned out really good. I'd love to give this one a go!

  4. You should get Dior forever foundation, or Makeup forever HD foundation... they look flawless... just in my opionion. I've never used revlon! :)

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  9. Another very nice alternative is Rimmel's Wake me up foundation! Have you tried it?

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