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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Collective haul!

 Boots - Soap and glory hand food and sexy mother pucker in pink apricot.

Lush - Karma solid perfume, It started with a kiss lip tint

Asda - Impulse body spray, st Ives apricot scrub and foam-burst

Waterstones - I'd tell you i love you but then i'd have
to kill you (ally carter) , what happened to goodbye? (sarah dessen)

Friday, 17 June 2011

L'oreal True match powder

Hola chicas !!!

Today I will be reviewing ‘L’oreal’s true match powder’ (£8.99)

What they say………
True Match Powder perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin for a flawless finish.The fine, soft and lightweight powder blends perfectly with your complexion, almost as if you were not wearing any make-up. 
It’s very simple.  It has a powder pan on top and that lifts up to reveal a little mirror and sponge.  Unfortunately my lid broke of (not tough enough to survive the old school bag, hmmmL)

The Powder….
I lurve it! It is buttery smooth and feels so light on its honestly as if you’re not wearing any base whatsoever!!!  It has a light to medium coverage (perfect for those days where you don’t want a lot of makeup) and it covers dark circles pretty well.  It wears for about 6 – 7 hours (which is good in my books).  At first there was 24 colours (I think), but now they are only 10 (they obviously picked the best-selling colours but there is still a good variety there).  This has lasted about 4/5 months.  This is the first powder I have ever had and if all powders are like this, well I’ve been missing outJ 

Verdict – OMG I can not praise this little bundle of lovely enough.  It has (well used to until the lid broke L) a nice place in my bag.  Rush out and buy this now!!!!!

Grade – A+

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hiya gals

I decided to change my blog as i thought it was too busy and i personally enjoy reading more 'cleaner' blogs so i thought why don't you change it to the way you'd like to read it (duh!) so i'm not finished but almost done .
Tell me what you think and what i should do to improve it please! your opinions are valued :)

P.s  ; im also changing the name ( probs next week) ideas are helpful :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Rimmel 3 in 1 Powder Blush

To be honest i wasn't expecting very much for a drugstore blush which i had paid £3.99 for so i can now say that i was extremely surprised when i used this.

Good things.....
Texture, pigmentation, colour,
Bad things........

what they say.....
3 shades in the same pan to achieve different looks. Use the shades altogether by sweeping the surface for a healthy glow. Personalise your shade

Packaging .....
It is a very, very small pan of blush with a little space for the useless brush and a (not scratch proof) clear lid with rimmel london printed in white near the bottom.

The blush.......
The shade i bought was 001 spring flower which is the lightest shade of all the 4 blushes. there really isn't a lot of space between them so it is quite hard to use separately.  i find where it lacks in size it definently makes up in pigmentation, i'd say one or two taps of the brush would be hunky-dory. 
Grade - A-

Monday, 13 June 2011

Too Faced Lash Injection pinpoint

I got a sample size of this a few months ago

What they say........
Based on the world famous Lash Injection formula Lash Injection Pinpoint targets each lash to create the dramatically long extremely defined and separated lashes of your dreams! Like a mascara architect Lash Injection Pinpoints exclusive 3D Polymers build waterproof tubes around each lash that expand and stretch far FAR beyond the natural lash while the sleek pinpoint precision brush separates and curls lashes for the most divinely detailed lash look imaginable! Easily removable with out Lash Injection Antidote eye makeup remover or soap and warm water this amazing mascara doesnt dissolve and smudge like any ordinary mascara. Lash Injection Pinpoint comes off in tiny tubes like little lash socks! Incredible! Innovative! Glamorous! Of course- we're Too Faced. 
Good things - coats every lash , formula , brush
Bad things - hard to get off , the full sized mascaras price

Packaging .....
its is a long black tube with pink writing

The mascara.....
The formula is very dry.  On the website they say too wiggle the brush back and forth to ensure an even coating, i have to agree as the short brush and dry formula could leave it looking very clumpy.  I like the brush as it ensures every lash is coated although it will take a little longer to apply than your standard sized brush.
When you come to remove it i find that it is that it sometimes sticks to my lashes and also the price for the full sized version is £14 which to me is a bit much.

Grade - B-

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Benefit Primpcess

Hiya honeybees i bought benefits' primpcess when i was on a plane and it cost me €25 (i was coming back from France and it was a splurge of the moment) 

What they say.........
Primpcess is a jewellery box for your eyes. Open it up & see what's inside. Concealing, contouring, brushes galore...lining, brightening, sexy lashes & more! Complete with step-by-step primping lesson so glamourizing is a snap. For every gal on your list, this is the gift to buy & wrap!

What’s in it......

 boi-ing 02 concealer, creaseless cream shadow/liner: R.S.V.P., 3 powder shadows: for contouring, for accenting, for lining, BAD gal mini mascara, eye bright instant eye brightener, brushes galore & a lesson.


It has a feel of luxury and benefit manages to fit quite a lot of products into this although it is quite bulky. It also as a magnetic flap and a nice sized mirror (*ahem* too-faced *ahem*)

The kit...............
I luurvve the colours of the eye-shadows and they're relatively long lasting the concealer is a perfect match but it wouldn't be suitable for all skin tones and eye bright works O.K. for didn't really see any life-changing effects. the mascara was amazing i unfortunately used it all up and will have to buy a full sized mascara.
It cost me €25 which would be about £22.26 or $36.44.

Grade - C+

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Garnier comforting cleansing milk and toner

Hey honeybees this is a review on the cleansing milk and toner (both £2.99) which i bought from Asda.
cleansing milk

Cleansing milk......
Its gentle and it does feel comforting it removes all my makeup and it’s a bargain at £2.99 - although you may have to use a lotta product :(

Soothing toner........
I think you should always use toner after using makeup remover as it hydrates your skin and takes away those last traces of make AND i do think it helps to stop breakouts.  So it bought this and i love it you just need a small amount to use this effectively and it feels lovely on my skin and has left it looking a lot better :)

Which ones better.....
defo the toner

Cleansing milk - B-
Toner - A+

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Youtube Gurus

As this is a blog about beauty , im sure we've all got youtube guru faves, i know i do :)

1. Michelle Phan - she is one of the most famous youtube gurus out there and its easy to see why. Her videos have been a favorite of mine for the past 2 years and i think i learned a lot from her . The only thing is that she doesn't post videos very frequently.

2. Meganheartsmakeup - i love her videos and i think her hair tutorials are the best.

3. Pinkiecharm - before i buy something i like to see if she has made a video on it first.

So thats my top 3 whats yours ?