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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Garnier comforting cleansing milk and toner

Hey honeybees this is a review on the cleansing milk and toner (both £2.99) which i bought from Asda.
cleansing milk

Cleansing milk......
Its gentle and it does feel comforting it removes all my makeup and it’s a bargain at £2.99 - although you may have to use a lotta product :(

Soothing toner........
I think you should always use toner after using makeup remover as it hydrates your skin and takes away those last traces of make AND i do think it helps to stop breakouts.  So it bought this and i love it you just need a small amount to use this effectively and it feels lovely on my skin and has left it looking a lot better :)

Which ones better.....
defo the toner

Cleansing milk - B-
Toner - A+