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Sunday, 31 March 2013

No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick

Today i thought i would share my thoughts on my most used lipstick which is No7 sheer temptation in Lovely.

Lovely is a nice shade of pink which looks a lot like my own natural lip colour.  Obviously it is sheer so it gives a lovely (geddit) gloss to the lips and makes mine look 100x better. It is extremely moisturising and feels like a balm to be honest.  It isn't long lasting (lasts around 2 hours on my lips) but it doesn't matter to me but if it is a deal-breaker in your case then i wouldn't recommend this.

It is around £10 which isn't all that cheap but with a no7 voucher it will only be £5 which is a bargain.  Mine has almost run out after months of use which makes it good value in my opinion.

I'll definitely be repurchasing this now that it has run out.

What do you think?

No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick in Lovely -£9.50 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Makeup | Rimmel Apocalips

First of all I'm sorry for being a bit quiet on the blogging lately, I am blaming exams.

Anyways I fell for the hype again and bought this raved about lip lacquer in celestial which is a natural looking pink.

The consistency is great, these are opaque and creamy and feel a lot like the collection 2000 lip creams (which I also love).  These last around 4 hours which is fantastic for a drugstore lip product and the well on the applicator means you only need to dip it in the tube once or twice.

Overall I love these.  They are comfortable, good value and last for ages.

What do you think about Rimmel Apocalips (love a brand that makes puns!)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Skincare | Lush Dark Angels Cleanser

I used to always be in Lush but nowadays I hardly ever go unless I'm in the area but I may start going regularly since i tried this new cleanser.

Dark angel is the bad-guy version of the best-selling angels on bare skin and is meant for oily skin but I think anyone (without extremely sensitive skin) can benefit from this concealer.

I never really use cleanser but since my skin had been full of oily gunk and dead skin (that just was not shifting) I decided to give this a go.

 A little goes a long way with this bad boy so don't be tempted to think more is better.  I use this by rolling a teeny-tiny amount on my fingertip, adding a small bit of water to form a paste then putting it on my face and finally rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

It is quite strong smelling and I did get a fright when I saw this on my face but there us no denying that this a great scrub.  It is quite rough on the skin therefore I would not recommend this to sensitive skin types but it does a bang-up job for removing excess oils and grime from your face.

I tend to use this 2x a week to avoid aggravating my skin but you could always alter that depending on your skin (mine is horrendously oily).

The results are amazing and the oilyness of my skin has visibly improved.  Lush gets a thumbs up from me (and perhaps another visit)

** I am not in any way a skincare expert but these were my findings.  Your findings may be different so please check the ingredients to make sure it is suitable for you**