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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Glossybox the UK's new craze ???

Hey everyone

 i was on xsparkage today and i saw this thing called a birchbox so naturally i HAD to check it out and i loved the whole concept you pay $10 every month and then in the post theres a lovely package waiting there just for you.  the best bit is inside the box theres 5 luxury samples. BUT i checked the shipping and they didn't ship to the UK, feeling a bit deflated i checked around the web and saw glossybox which i suppose is the UK equivalent to birchbox but you pay £10 and it only ships to the UK .

What they say.................

 With the GlossyBox you receive the most interesting beauty products and latest make-up trends every month directly to your home. Each GlossyBox contains five selected luxury product miniatures. The product range is diverse, ranging from a luxury lipstick to a trendy hair care product from a cutting edge brand. All product minitiatures are carefully selected and tested by our experts. Find your new favourite indulgent products to sooth those daily stresses or to add glamour to a party night.
With the GlossyBox many surprises and beauty tips await you. Let us find the right products for your type and let us guide you through the vast world of beauty.

Images from glossybox

But i do have my doubts though...................... The things that makes it unique are that you can collect 'glossypoints' which bring down the cost of your glossybox and when you have 20 glossypoints its FREE :) and its also tailored to your own self as you take a short survey thing which will help you get what you need :D

£10 a month sound cheap right but when you add it up its £120 a year which seems pricey for 5 samples every month.

 i might use it for a month and if its worthwhile i keep it but you can unsubscribe any time

What do think?
Will you be caught up in the glossybox hype or not