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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Yes I have finally dabbled into the BB cream faze and I must say I’m not quite impressed.  So I should probably say first of all that a BB cream is basically like a tinted moisturizer which also has other benefits thrown in.  It is originally found in Asia but the craze has brought it here.

I love the packaging as it is fresh looking (does that make sense , I mean like it is clean and crisp looking ha-ha) and the fact it had a seal on it when I opened it , I like this because then I can be sure no one else has opened it before me.  There are a selection of shades (4 I think) so I chose dark and gosh it was like opening fake tan which incidentally I never use as I’m already really tan.

1.Creates a natural glow.
2.Compliments skin-tone.
3. SPF30 UV protection.
4. Hydrates all day.
5. Blurs imperfections.
6. Oil free - non greasy.
7. Looks visibly fresh.
8. Feels fresh.

 Fortunately though it is a dream to blend as it was quite runny so it worked for me.  I liked the price (8.99) and it is good value for money in my opinion, it states that it adds a glow to your face and I have to disagree in fact it is semi matte.    It won't last very long on my skin (4 or 5 hours at most), its not very hydrating and also that it is crazy sheer so it is only for decent skin days and even then you will need extra cover such as concealer.  

The only good things are that it is oil free and contains SPF 30 but then again so do other, probably better tinted moisturizers/BB creams

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream ~ Boots, Superdrug, Supermarkets (yes, really!) and other retailers which sell Maybelline - (£7.99)