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Monday, 23 April 2012

Kiehl's lip balm

While I was in America last summer I decided to finally visit Saks 5th avenue and I naturally went to the beauty counter and bought this lip balm in hue no. 58B.  It is available at £12.50 but I’m sure I bought this for $9.50 but I can't remember anymore.

  It is more or less coloured petrolatum based balm in a white tube and it is 15ml of product which is a fair amount.  It is scented and this may be a problem for some people but I personally like the scent - it is really really sweet smelling. 

This was great for the winter as it is SPF 15 and protected my lips but still gave them a rosy glow.

 It isn't as good of a lip balm as my trusty carmex but I’m willing to look beyond that and my next item on my wish list will be kiehls #1 lip balm.