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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Natural collection nail polish in antique coral

Now you may have or may not have noticed i'm somewhat of a nail polish fiend.  In fact i do change my nails at least once a week.  while i was in boots a couple of weeks ago (looking for an eyebrow pencil - didn't get one :( ) i saw the natural collection stand.  Now call me snobby but i don't normally go for this stand (but i do like the eyeshadow i got there ages ago)

Looks less pink in real life - way to go camera!!!

This nail polish says it coral but myself and everyone i asked have said it looks like a pinky orange.  When applying it used 3 coats.  On the first coat there is very noticeable shimmer but by the third coat it had become almost invisible which was a shame as the shimmer looked great

On the whole i think this is a lovely nail polish for less than £2.  Give it a go!!!

Natural collection nail polish in antique coral - boots (£1.89)