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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Model's own - ibiza mix

For the most part i don't like to put glitter on my nails as i have home ec which means i have to cook.  But now and then i just can't resist putting a little sparkle into my life.

 Application wise this was easy to work with and dried fairly quickly so that was great
Truth be told that i have never had as many compliments about my nails as i did with ibiza mix - it was so lovely that people actually notice my nails!
This nail polish was infuriatingly difficult to get a hold off (it took 5 months) but i got it in the end thankfully.

this nail polish is packed with multicoloured glitter in different sizes of glitter in a clear base.

I think this looks best over a simple base colour - i'm using rimmel's beige babe.

As it is only £5 i feel that if you happen to stumble across this colour then you should snap it up!!