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Friday, 17 June 2011

L'oreal True match powder

Hola chicas !!!

Today I will be reviewing ‘L’oreal’s true match powder’ (£8.99)

What they say………
True Match Powder perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin for a flawless finish.The fine, soft and lightweight powder blends perfectly with your complexion, almost as if you were not wearing any make-up. 
It’s very simple.  It has a powder pan on top and that lifts up to reveal a little mirror and sponge.  Unfortunately my lid broke of (not tough enough to survive the old school bag, hmmmL)

The Powder….
I lurve it! It is buttery smooth and feels so light on its honestly as if you’re not wearing any base whatsoever!!!  It has a light to medium coverage (perfect for those days where you don’t want a lot of makeup) and it covers dark circles pretty well.  It wears for about 6 – 7 hours (which is good in my books).  At first there was 24 colours (I think), but now they are only 10 (they obviously picked the best-selling colours but there is still a good variety there).  This has lasted about 4/5 months.  This is the first powder I have ever had and if all powders are like this, well I’ve been missing outJ 

Verdict – OMG I can not praise this little bundle of lovely enough.  It has (well used to until the lid broke L) a nice place in my bag.  Rush out and buy this now!!!!!

Grade – A+