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Friday, 4 January 2013

Review | Soap and glory kick ass concealer

Does your concealer kick ass?  Mine says so but to see if it does keep reading.....

I have the kit in medium, the shades are really similar , just one is more salmon-y than the other to conceal eye circles. It also has a translucent powder.  I know a lot of people don't like the packaging as it is quite fiddly but i haven't had a problem with it and i have had it for 4 months now, so if you have trouble separating compartments as it can sometimes get stuck, I've heard, you may not like this.

I am sorry for the lighting but daylight is no more where i am and this is
 the best picture to see the different tones :(
The powder is scarily white for someone who has a medium complexion like myself but rest assured that it actually is translucent. I do not care much for the sponge, i instead use a powder brush to set the concealer.

I liken the formula to erase paste as it does have the same creamy consistency but i will admit the S&G concealer sometimes feels greasy as it is very moisturizing. The coverage is good for the salmon-y one (i presume this is for eyes) although i have zombie-eye-circles so i use an extra concealer on top.

The face one is a little too dull for my liking ( i tend too use brightening concealers) so i hardly use it although coverage is good also.

Have you tried this concealer?  What did you think?

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