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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Vintage nail art tutorial

Hi everyone so a couple of days ago i got some dotting tools from amazon and so i had decided to do a bit of nail art.  Granted it isn't the best but for my first ever go , i think it is quite swish.

For my background colour i used rimmel peppermint
For the base of my floers i used revlon classy
For the detail of the flowers i used rimmel cranberry zest
For the leaves i used a nail polish which i made myself using graffiti eyeshadow from urban decay. ( if you want a tutorial let me know in the comments below.)

I even made a little visual aid for this tutorial ( i have a new found respect for graphic designers everywhere)

1. Paint your nails a mint green base colour
2. Paint some pink blobs (they don't need to be perfect) using a dotting tool
3. Paint the outline red with a swirl leading into the pink
3. Paint green lines on either side of the flower for leaves

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial

What nail art have you been wearing?

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