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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bourjois effet 3D lipgloss

Hey Honeybees :)

Today i am going to review the Bourjois effet 3D lip gloss (£6.99).  I think by now you are all thinking what is up with this girl and bourjois!!!
Good things...........
Variety of colours, applicator and 3D effect

Bad things..............
Lasts at the most 30 mins until the need to reapply.

The gloss comes in a long tube with a screw top lid which you unscrew to reveal the lip brush.  The lip brush is an actual brush!!!! Not one of those spongy applicators and also the handle is long which makes it easy to hold.

The lip gloss...........

I chose Brun Rose Academic and the tube is see through so you know how much product you’re gonna get / is left. I absolutely LOVE this colour it’s a nice pink not nude not trashy just the way i like it to be it glides on smoothly and with the lip brush you are left with a nice precise finish. But to my discontent the colour didn't even last an hour :(.

Grade B-

What are your thoughts on 'Bourjois effet 3D lip Gloss' ???