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Monday, 30 May 2011

How much is your face ?

I saw this on plymouth barbie and i actually was really interested about how much it'd cost ( around £90) so i'd thought i'd do one too :)

1. Neutrogena Visibly Clear  Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash .
i use this every day and night
Cost £4.59

2. Bourjois Healthy mix foundation .
 I LOVE this it's my HG foundation as its doesn't leave patches or is muddy
Cost £9.99

3. Rimmel perfect match concealer.
It really does do what it promises :) and i will repurches this when it runs out (soon)
Cost - £5.99

4. Bourjois little round pot of blusher
Read review here
Cost £7.49

5. Urban decay naked palette
nope the hype hasn't worn down down for me yet :) i just love those colours !
cost £27

6. maybelline the falsies mascara
My HG of mascaras and so much better than that great lash poop
Cost £8

7. Bourjois effet 3D lip gloss
Read review here
Cost £6.99

TOTAL - £70.05

- It was cheaper than i thought it'd be and as i don't replace these monthly its actually quite cheap.

I'd love if you'd do this to and link back here so i could see them :)

and for the sake of having a picture;

Lets get those snap cups people !!!


  1. hahah this is so cute! I love your blog, new follower!

  2. ohh i like this! think i might do it as well. check out my blog for the giveaway that i'm having! :)