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Friday, 27 May 2011

Barry M kohl pencil

Hey everyone so i'm a big fan of barry m as i think that they are cheap and cheerful but some of the products can be hit or miss *cough* Barry m nail effects *cough*.  So when i was in boots i saw the little stand/stall thing and it had the kohl eyeliner for £2.99 as i was looking for a white eyeliner i decided to  get it from there its number 30 .

Good things......
Nice colour, variety of colours, lasts all day, price

Bad things.......
Not easy to take off

Comes packaged in the same colour as your pencil with clear lid.

The eyeliner......
the tip of the eyeliner is very soft and its great for lining my waterline and inner corner of my eyes . Although when i lined my upper lash line it seemed to be a struggle to get off ( maybe its just me )

Would i buy again......
Yeah, as its only £2.99 :) And i'm definitely gonna go buy more colours

Grade - A

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  1. Looks like a great eyeliner! I have no idea where to buy Barry M products here though :/

  2. I think amazon would have it in stock