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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

The next thing i bought was Rimmel Vinyl Gloss, its RRP is £4.99 which is the price i paid.

GOOD THINGS........... looks glossy and makes lips soft and curvy
BAD THINGS............... tastes disgusting and is very very sticky

What it claims..........

Rimmel's Vinyl gloss claims that it delivers a 'brilliant high gloss lasting shine which conditions & moisturises' as well as it being a 'lightweight, non-sticky formula'


My first thought upon seeing this was slight disappointment because I think that it looks sorta cheap and tacky looking, a bit like those glosses from miss sporty ! I must admit that I expected a bit more class from Rimmel, but however, looks aren't everything (or are they?). The bottle is roughly 4 inches in length, and supposedly contains 5ml of lip-gloss  (must be kidding me on ). The bottle is clear so that you can see the product inside, with a rim of silver just under the cap, with the Rimmel logo. The actual cap itself black  and quite big.

The lip-gloss...............

Although this is a good lip-gloss it is VERY sticky and tastes HORRIBLE.  It does however make your lips look super shiny which is great, although I wouldn't say it gives a ''mirror shine'' as it claims to do so. Another good factor is that it DOES condition and moisturize, making lips visibly softer so it doubles up as a lip balm.

Despite its flaws - it's a good lip-gloss
no gloss on :((((((((((

 Gloss on - soo glossy :)))))))

I bought 730 (cosmic) :]


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