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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Ruby & Millie Pre Base Review

The second thing i bought from boots was Ruby & millie pre base which is a facial primer, the RRP is £10 but i'm sure it cost me £11 :$.

GOOD THINGS.........Does hold make up in place, mattifies, good for oily skin :)
BAD THINGS............Can dry skin out, can flake, can't be used  along with Posie-tint from benefit :(

The Packaging................
 The packaging is a very simple see-through tube with a shiny silver lid, with Ruby & Mille printed on it and the product showing through. It's quite a simple design that looks  classy and fits in well with the rest of the Ruby & Millie products.

WHAT IT CLAIMS................
It claims to cool the skin after you moisturize and prepare your skin for a smoother application of foundation. I haven't found the product cools my skin even slightly so I would say that  is untrue, although it's not that important too me . I don't apply my make up straight after moisturising but I would think that it would do is dry the skin out a little so that your make up wont just slide off like it could after you moisturize.Also it claims to eleminate grey skin.  I don't really have particularly grey skin, but the light pink formula I think would neutralise this quite well. 

It claims your skin will look more matte, which I definitely agree with. If you have oily skin I think this would be the product for you as it really will dry it all up, and make your foundation stay there all day instead of sliding off your face.

The final claim is that it makes make up last longer which again I definitely agree with, apply your foundation in the morning and it will still look fresh at night.

WHAT IT DOES (for me).......................

The first time i used it my foundation did go on a lot smoother so i was really happy about that but my posie-tint didn't work on my cheeks !!!What I would say is if you use a blusher that sits on top of the rest of your make up, then this wouldn't be a problem, so go ahead and apply it to your whole face if that is the case, and your make up will last all day with no problems. 

The next time I used it I applied it just where I needed  coverage, this is my nose, under my eye, and my chin. This worked better in that I was able to have full coverage in those places and then I didn't have to have foundation over my whole face, as I prefer not to . What I would say is that this works well, however it is quite tricky because you need to make sure with this that you are blending the foundation out as the Pre Base makes the foundation stronger than normal, so you wouldn't be able to just apply it to one bit and it not be noticeable. So when I apply like this I put my Pre Base on, apply foundation to those areas, then apply a little more just around them to blend out between my Pre Base area and the rest of my face. It really can take a lot of blending but the end result is full coverage where you want it, and a natural look for the rest of the face, without looking odd.

I do think that this product is great at doing what a primer is supposed to do - hold your make up in place all day long.  I will probably continue to use my tube but only when I feel my skin needs extra coverage somewhere , I would however think this product would be great for people with oily or shiny skin that struggle to get foundation to stay put.


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