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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Real techniques stippling brush

Hello everyone, today i am going to review a brush from the insanely popular real techniques brand.  For those who don't know real techniques was created by Samantha Chapman (sam from pixiwoo) They both use the brushes very frequently in their YouTube tutorials - link!

The stippling brush has been reviewed a lot in the blogging world but i thought i'd get my two-cents in anyway.

I picked mine up at boots for £11.99 but if you don't live near a boots or not in the UK you can buy them online.

The RT brushes (mind if i call them that now? ) are ridiculously hyped but i completely understand why.  They are just so perfect!!! They are unlike any other brushes in the high-street, they are reasonably priced and great quality.  The stippling brush is made out of super soft, synthetic taklon bristles like all the other RT brushes.  My only con is after every use the brush feels cakey and dirty and needs a wash again.  I use this for liquid foundation mainly my make up forever hd foundation (if you would like a review on that let me know in the comments) and it does look bloody fantastic if i do say so myself but i am yet to try it on a cream blush so i can't say how that fare with this brush.  I find it doesn't work well with thick foundations so stick to a thin one (i find MUFE HD to be in the medium category)

Overall it is a good brush and i recommend it just don't run out to buy it right this minute.

Real techniques stippling brush -Boots, RT online ~ £11.99 


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  2. I've been really wanting to try this line of brushes...I wonder how this brush compares to the stippling brushes from elf, which are even cheaper xoxo

    1. I've never tried elf as it is not readily available in the UK but the RT brush is excellent for the price.