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Friday, 13 July 2012

French Manicure with a twist!

I have wanted to wear a French manicure for some time now but I like my nails short so I tried false nails.  This was second time I have ever tried to wear false nails on and let’s just say the first time it didn't go so well.  I used elegant touch French manicure false nails.
On application I found the glue really hard to open even with scissors and therefore it was increasingly difficult to cover each nail evenly as it kept on clogging.
But when all that was over and done with, it looked alright.  For some reason to me it was just way to boring so to liven it up a bit I put a nice glittery pink nail polish on my accent nail called VIP by Orly (I think it stands for Very Important Polish - see what I did there ? ) Putting it on was really nice the pictures are with 2 coats but clean-up was so hard as you can most definitely see.
What I forgot was the next day I had horse riding which meant tacking up, riding and then untacking. Amazingly they survived so it was a big thumbs up from this makeup obsessed horse rider.
Overall it was ok but the false nails started to fall off after day 3 :(.

Elegant touch French manicure false nails ~ Boots (£ 6.45)

Orly VIP ~ Boots, Nail salons, (£ 5 for 5ml)

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