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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sleek contour kit

Like many others contouring is an essential part of my daily makeup routine as I have only some parts of my cheekbones showing.  this kit retails for £6.50 - which is really good deal as high end contour and highlighting products would cost at least double that and is available at most Superdrug stores.

I chose the medium version of this product. The contour powder is very creamy and so it is very easy to blend without it looking muddy and the highlight product is a little chalky but not enough to put me off using it and it is a very nice champagne colour which noticeable shimmer but doesn't leave you looking like a disco ball.
I would recommend this product to all girls who have medium skin and I have also heard good things about the light version as well, unfortunately I can’t speak for the dark version but I think that would be just as good as the others.


  1. I've been eying this product up for a while in Superdrug but never been too sure, however it does look lovely :)

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    1. you should totally buy it , it is now a staple product in my make up routine :)

  2. This is on my wish list. I hope the contouring powder doesn't have an orange undertone on my skin. Lovely blog.

    1. thank you :) i think that it doesn't have an orange undertone but it might look muddy on some people