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Monday, 2 May 2011

my mobile and i (TAG)

1. What phone do you have?
The phone i have :)))
I have a Nokia N97 mini

2. How old is your phone?
I got it in november 2010

3. Is your phone a contract phone, or pay as you go?
Pay as you go

4. Do you accessorise your phone?

5. What is your wallpaper?
My grandmother and i 

6. What is your ringtone?
Cee lo green's forget you

7. Name the three best features of your phone?
internet, 5 mega-pixel camera and keypad

8. Does your phone have a touchscreen, QWERTY keypad or original phone type keypad?
It has a QWERTY keypad

9. If you could have any other phone, what would you choose?
a Blackberry

10. Would you recommend your phone?
Yes its good for someone whos looking for a cheap phone but for work wise then No

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