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Saturday, 21 May 2011

L'oreal infallible eyeliner

       Gorgeous !!!

As far as waterproof eyeliners go my favorites are the too-faced lava gloss and the urban decay 24/7 eyeliners.  But as they can be expensive i decided to visit boots for a nice cheap eyeliner that stays put and behold the l'oreal infallible eyeliner (£5.19)

Good things.........
the eyeliner itself , price, staying power, sharpener

Bad things.........

What they say...............

Enjoy beautifully defined eyes for up to 16 hours!

The eyeliner..............

Man , does this stuff stay put!!! I put it on at 8am and at 10pm when i was cleaning my makeup off it was still there!  Thats 15  hours , not to shabby!!!  Its retractable which is good as i don't like to keep on sharpening my eyeliners I also love the built in sharpener; at first when I tried to pull the lid off the smudger, I thought I broke it but it turns out that hidden inside was a sharpener :)) speaking of the smudger i HATE it.

Would i buy again.........

Yes :)



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  1. hey ..just joined you after going through this post..really helpful ,since im not a smudger person i'll go ahead on this eyeliner..Cheers