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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

5 make up mistakes

1.Concealer Before Foundation-
If you're applying concealer to problem areas (pimples, spots, discolouration) before foundation, chances are that you're using more product than needed. Start with your foundation and spread it evenly. It gives some coverage and evens out things. Then add just enough concealer and blend it into your foundation. The result is more natural looking and far less likely to look caked.

2.Gloop on your lips
One layer of lip gloss—gorgeous. Four layers of gloss—ghastly. This is not the time to say, “the more the merrier.” And don’t think that the more gloss you put on, the more you’ll be kissed. Too much gloss is actually a turn off. Who wants to get stuck to all that gunk?

3.Using foundation as tan/bronzer
A foundation should always match your natural skin tone but unfortunately many women choose a foundation that is two or three shades darker than their skin tone and the result is a face that looks comically and unnatural. Most of the women think that a darker shade of a foundation will act like a bronzer and will create a summer tan but for this aim there are those specifically designed products called bronzers.
4. Clowning

Emphasizing both eyes and lips, using an intense makeup, in the same time can be a major no-no. So, if you want to bring out your eyes, try a lighter lipstick color for the lips, or, you can even try a lip gloss and if you want bright lips try a shadow that almost matches your skin tone or even no eye shadow

5. Circus - blush
we all know that blush adds a healthy touch to your look. But, when going for the bright pink color and apply it thickly without blending it the result might be quite hilarious and more circus-ish


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  1. Essential to know the basic tricks of makeup and also the right products and colors that is going to make you look good eventually.